Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Real Men Eat Cupcakes

Today we were reminded of our very first post at Gastronomista profiling Lynn Bianchi's amazing portraits of real women eating cupcakes.

Apparently we are in good company.

Introducing Butch Bakery, a manly baked goods delivery service in New York City. Founded by former asset backet securities attorney, David Arrick, the company is "Butching it Up", eschewing all things pink, sweet, cute or magical.

You've got to admit, though, these things are damn cute and pretty sweet too.

The cupcakes come in 12 flavors, including many that are really rather boozy. (Three times = a trend: booze and cupcakes officially pair, via our friends at the Red Velvet Lounge and Sweet Revenge.)
  • B-52 Kahlua-soaked madagascar vanilla cake with Baileys Bavarian filling.

  • Rum & Coke Rum-soaked madagascar vanilla cake with cola Bavarian cream filling.

  • Sidecar Brandy-soaked lemon cake with orange-infused white chocolate ganache filling.

  • Old-Fashioned Orange-soaked whisky cake with a lemon curd filling.

  • Mojito Rum-soaked lime cake with mint white chocolate ganache.

  • Beer Run Chocolate and beer-infused cake and with a beer buttercream, topped with crushed pretzels.

  • Driller Maple cake with milk chocolate ganache and bacon bits.

  • Home Run Peanut butter cake with banana Bavarian creme and bacon bits.

  • Camp Out Graham cracker cake with a filling of marshmallow and chocolate ganache.

  • Jackhammer Chocolate cake with hazelnut filling.

  • Big Papi Cinnamon spice cake with a dulce de leche filling.

  • Tailgate Caramel cake with a salted caramel filling.

They're styled out in Woodland Camo, Wood Grain, Houndstooth, Plaid, Checkerboard and Marble.

Clockwise from top left:
Houndstooth, Checkerboard, Plaid and Marble

Now we're just waiting for a portrait of gorgeous naked men eating these things. Yum.

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