Monday, April 19, 2010

I Love Oysters, too

Introducing Chef Chuck Hughes, lover of oysters.

The Cooking Channel - a sister channel to The Food Network - is being launched this Memorial Day (Monday, May 31), by the Scripps Network to replace the now defunct Fine Living Channel. Among the new talent is the very promising shellfish-slinging Chuck Hughes, host of "Chuck's Day Off", which now airs in Canada and more than a dozen other countries, and which will be reaching our televisions and amassing fans in short order.

Think rock and rock lobster.

We met Chuck this weekend at the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show at the McCormick Center in Chicago, where The Cooking Channel hosted a press event to introduce him to the US market.

If the line of girls was any indicator of the impending success of the show, get ready.

Chuck showed off his lovingly inked arms, and we're here to bring you the run-down.

Left forearm: shrimp with lemon

Right forearm: lobster

Right inner elbow: a slice of lemon meringue pie, his favorite dessert

Right bicep: pomegranates, bitter and sweet

Right shoulder: the beloved pineapple fish

His first tattoo: an homage to Mom

His next tattoo: a flying pig in black and white on his upper right arm (or "I heart Mindy", as he told one fan named Mindy -- the boy's got skills)

Impending superstardom, Exhibit A: Girls! Girls! Girls!

So who is Chuck, anyway? Meet him here:

And an official trailer from The Food Network:

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