Monday, May 10, 2010

Incredible Edible Paris

I am about to take my gastronomically enriched toddler to Paris and I was wondering what the best spots are for us as a family. Mommy and Daddy want to have fun on this trip, too. Wouldn't a personalized gourmet itinerary be just the thing to tell us where we should take our little tike? Thanks to food critic and cookbook author Rosa Jackson and her team of food gurus at Edible Paris, you can have your gateau list and eat it, too.

Here's how it works, and this we just LOVE: Read the profiles of the food gurus and choose one or two whose personality best seems to match yours. E-mail Rosa and she'll check their availability during your visit. Next, you'll receive a questionnaire to establish your food tastes. Your food guru will meet with you, either at your hotel or in a Paris café, to provide you with a personalized list of a dozen essential restaurants and food shops in the neighborhood of your choice, with an accompanying map to help you find each place. During this one-hour session, you can bombard your food guru with questions or simply have a relaxed chat and get to know a Paris food expert.

Rosa, if you are looking for some Edible New York food gurus, I'd like to nominate us Gastronomista girls!

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