Monday, June 7, 2010

Mangez Moi

Bouchees Doubles, the French "design gourmand" group, creates spectactular and arresting works related to beautiful edibles. This collection of chocolates molded by the curves of the body is quite simply one of the sexiest things we've ever laid eyes on.

The descriptions of "Mangez Moi" reads like poetry:

Le coin d’une bouche (chocolat noir/fruits rouges),
un morceau de nez (chocolat noir/miel de châtaigner),
une paupière (chocolat noir/fleur de sel, poivre de sichuan),
le creux d’un nombril (chocolat noir/piment, poivre rouge)
et un délicieux petit téton (chocolat noir/parfum de fleurs).
Des petits bouts de corps à croquer...

The corner of a mouth (dark chocolate/red fruits),

a piece of a nose (dark chocolate/chestnut honey),

an eyelid (dark chocolate/fleur de sel, sichuan pepper),

a bellybutton (dark chocolate/pimento pepper, red pepper),

and a delicious nipple (dark chocolate/the fragrance of flowers).

Small pieces of an edible body...

We're reminded of a passage by the Marquis de Sade, a noted chocolate lover, whose hedonistic leanings combined the scents and tastes of all sorts of flesh. He described one 1772 ball in which chocolate added to the evening's entertainments:
"Into the dessert he slipped chocolate pastilles so good that a number of people devoured them. There were lots of them, and no one failed to eat some, but he had mixed in some Spanish fly. The virtue of the medication is well known. It proved to be so potent that those who ate the pastilles began to burn with unchaste ardor and to carry on as if in the grip of the most amorous frenzy. The ball degenerated into one of those licentious orgies for which the Romans were renowned..."

Ah, the French. Merde.


  1. Hmmm... seems either they took the idea from Stephen Shanabrook... or Shanabrook warped theirs.

    Either way I'm lactose intolerant. :)

  2. Fuller, I've got to say, I think the Bouchees Doubles version is a lot more elegant than Shanabrook's...

    I like his other work, though. Interesting link.... thanks for the tip.

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