Friday, August 13, 2010

An Ode to The Frozen Beverage

This barmaid's freezer is primed with a motor
And now I must hereby go forth and quote her:
"Here at the factory
of the world's greatest daquiri
The key to the drink is the tasty rum floater."

This particular floater in question is Ron Zacapa 23, a premium Guatemalan 23-year aged rum, made with concentrated virgin sugar cane honey and barrel aged in the solera method, a complex blending used most traditionally for sherry production. The Zacapa Daquiri is made with a frozen blend of Zacapa 23, fresh lime juice and sugar, and topped with even more Zacapa goodness.

And where, might you ask, were we drinking this nectar of the gods? Last night Tasting Table hosted a summer rum punch get-together at Cienfuegos, the hidden rum sanctuary above a Cuban sandwich shop on the corner of 6th and A in Manhattan's East Village. Here are a few shots care of GuestOfAGuest of all that went down in that airy loft above the sweltering heat.

"Well, Hola, come on in. Go past the bar, under the hanging HVAC, up the stairs, and around the corner, and you'll find a rolicking good time inside. Bienvenido!"

"I know you thought the daquiris were good, but you should try my tasty punch. It will knock your knickers off!"

"Oh, that's what did it!"

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