Thursday, September 2, 2010

Booze + Science = Art?

Another pop quiz dear readers! Doesn't everything look a little better after a glass of rose? Doesn't the sky seem just a little bluer, the New York City granite just a little bit...sparklier? Well, no wonder. Florida State research scientist Michael Davidson shows us booze looks as beautiful as it makes us feel.

These images are created by crystallizing the drink on a lab slide, then passing a polarized light through the crystal. It's time to play guess the booze!

anyone who enjoys this drink knows these dangerous bubbles do lead to a vortex!

no, this drink is not made from feathers but can be served frozen or on the rocks

part city map, part android shower, goes well with a twist

looks like an infrared day at the beach from space, but this drink is perfect for summer.

For the answers, plus more pictures of booze under the lens, check out Time Magazine.

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