Saturday, October 23, 2010

Oh, The Many Colors of Paris

Turquoise-chalked menu boards (and Daphne boats!), black ash-covered goat cheese buttons, puffy pink marshmallows, green garlic stems, milky brown cups of cafe au lait: all the delicious colors of the city of lights, as documented by Little Brown Pen and sold in vibrant color blocks here.

It's enough to make a girl put on her new pants and move out to France to sit in the Luxembourg Gardens with Sean Ono Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Mull. (Ed note: though we're more than a bit skeptical of the band's name, the duo's early-60's French surf pop-inspired swingy beats are bonafide good. There's no official music video yet, so this one will have to do. The album is streamable at NPR.)

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