Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Taisin Ice Ball Maker

Wish you could have perfectly spherical ice ball for your Four Roses on the rocks? The Japanese manufacturer Taisin has created an elegant and simple pressure-driven aluminum mold that produces spheres in seconds. It's only $198 for the 30mm ball mold from the Japan Trend Shop, which seems totally reasonable for something so ridiculously cool. (For the larger sizes, the price rockets on up into the thousands.)

Our dear friend Nick Fauchald, Editor-in-Chief of TastingTable and all-around food maven, showed miss Martha herself how it all works. Watch the magic happen...

Nick also walks you through a few other amazing kitchen gadgets for the home cook, including an insta-cooler for your wine (it chills as you pour), an immersion circulator for sous-vide cooking,
and an infra-red thermometer for gauging temperatures from a distance. All great stocking stuffer ideas for the gadgety gourmet.

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