Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vosges' Chocolate Cameos

Who says that airport food has to be terrible? Yesterday in Terminal 1 of Chicago's O'Hare airport we were delighted to see a Vosges Haut Chocolate kiosk peddling chocolate cheer to everyone in the midst of bad weather-thwarted transcontinental travels. We were so excited to see the lovely holiday season chocolate cameos that we had tasted at the Fancy Food Show earlier this summer. They're finally in stores! Stocking stuffers for everyone!

A gift box of four milk and dark chocolate cameo plates are available for $29 at Vosges' website, or they can be purchased individually in-store.

Our favorite is Mrs. Claus, gingerbread-spiced toffee with 65% cacao dark chocolate.

The other cameos are:

Ebenezer, sweet butter toffee, walnuts, pecans, and 45% cacao deep milk chocolate
Esme the Elf, all-natural candy cane, peppermint, and 62% cacao dark chocolate
Vixen, all-natural candy cane, peppermint, and 45% cacao deep milk chocolate

Better than coal any day!

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