Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Afternoon Swoon

Coffee may rev our engines, but tea stokes our coals.

Sure, we rely on a strong pull of Joe to retain consciousness every morning, but tea exists in a more rarefied faction - it is a splendid treat, a soul salve. Throw in a book and a plate of warm toast, and you have yourself a heavenly afternoon.

Leave it to the French to take a traditional English elegance and elevate it to sublime extravagance. We have long known that Mariage Frères teas live in a separate dimension of lovely - the first time we sipped a floral cuppa Marco Polo was a religious experience. But such euphoria does not come cheap, and while our hearts pine for that black and gold tin, our wallets have opted for Twinings.

While we've been making do with our daily Lady Grey, Mariage Frères devised a devastating aesthetic attack, courtesy of the most gorgeous repackaging design. And now we need to earmark a monthly tea budget. Witness:

Easter brunch, anyone?

Our first MF love, dressed up in dapper new duds.

We believe in Magic.

Not a tea fan? Blasphemy. But we'll still allow you to have this precious empty tea box to keep your loveliest things in.

We're ladies - we drink tea, and we know our manners.

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