Monday, March 7, 2011

A Cover For Your Cream Puff

Call us old fashioned, but we like to cover our food in glass vessels.  Perhaps we had too many unfortunate endings with saran-wrap, near severed fingers or just tangled up in the ghastly stuff...either way.. we can't go near it.

Imagine our giddy gasp of glee when we saw this:

We are smitten for Switch Design's Glass Food Covers that are made for distinct types of treats: onigiri (rice ball), shu cream (cream puff), and a slice of delicious looking strawberry cream cake.  We love the preciousness of these individualized Glass domes, they make the treat that much more special and beautiful.

The vessels were designed by Hiromi Taki and Tomonori Ohata of Switch Design, and hand-blown by Sayaka Kanazu, who is a glass artist living in Toyama.  They were part of the Oyatsu Dougu Exhibition in 2010. 

Via Spoon & Tamago


  1. Where has this been all my edible life?? I savour sweet treats so, and am enough of a germ-o-phobe that this is the perfect shield and showcase for my afternoon treat. The treat that takes me oh so long to eat as every bite is like a cherished last kiss from a dear love. ahh..

    Any idea if/when these will be available to the USA?

  2. The shot of the strawberry cake really gets me.

  3. I crave, I lust, I pine, I covet...

  4. Cravenmaven - not sure if they will be available commercially - but aren't they Gorgeous? I would love a set of cream puff covers for my kitchen!


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