Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recipes Sans Text

Ok, we admit it.  We usually tend to be intimidated by recipes that resemble War and Peace and prefer recipes brief in nature (don't hate us, we're busy girls).  So naturally, we love any kind of drawn recipe.  We've been fans of Kokblog for a while now, Johanna Kindvall's drawings that accompany her recipes are always charming and whimsical.  

With all of our chatter lately about bit about deconstructing the recipe, we thought we should include Johanna's cooking diagrams.  We love her drawings and colorful graphics that make cooking seem so... easy (just how we like it).  

Mushroom Risotto
Ragu Sauce
Semlor for Fat Tuesday
Beef Stew
The Beef Stew entry was also featured in GOOD Magazine's Redesign The Recipe and we must say, Kokblog's Beef Stew was hands down our favorite.

Check out Kokblog for more fantastic foodie recipes here.

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