Friday, August 15, 2014

Brugal Rum Wants Me to Be The Most Popular Girl at the Party this Summer

The kind people over at Brgual Rum sent over the most incredible party pack that is sure to make me the most popular girl at any party this summer!  Now that I'm equipped with such an awesome cocktail kit, I'll be ready to make cocktails pretty much anywhere!

This awesome kit came with a bottle of Brugal Extra Dry Rum, a large thermal tote perfect for ice, fruit, or picnic goods, a plastic pitcher for pre-batching cocktails, Govino Plastic Cocktail Glasses, a Bar Tool Tote, a new Stainless Steel Shaker, Jigger, Strainer, a fantastic Citrus Juicer, a Bottle Opener, and a little knife perfect for cutting lime wedges and prepping cocktail garnishes!

Gastronomista Brugal Rum Summer Daiquiri Kit

Gastronomista Brugal Rum Summer Daiquiri Kit

Huge thank you to my friends at Brugal Rum and MBooth for ensuring my popularity this summer!  The weekend starts now.


Gastronomista Brugal Rum Summer Daiquiri Kit

Want more?

Pre Batched Daiquiris

24 oz Brugal Extra Dry (One Bottle)
12 oz Fresh Lime Juice (12 Limes)
9 oz Simple Syrup (1:1 water to sugar)

Mix ingredients in a large pitcher, strain into a cocktail glass filled with ice.  Garnish with a slice of lime!

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