Saturday, December 13, 2014

Coffee Gift Guide - and a Nespresso VertuoLine Giveaway!

In honor of today's Gift Guide, I'd like to quote my best friend who so eloquently says, "I like myself on caffeine".  And I do.  I like myself on caffeine very much.  In fact, it's the only way I ever get anything done.  But coffee is so much more than a vehicle to help us all get our work done, it is a ritual, and there is an art to making a great cup of coffee from the beans to the mug it's served in.  I've rounded up some of my favorite coffee gifts to the coffee lover in your life - for the people who like the ritual of a morning brew, to the coffee cocktail aficionados, to the people who need their caffeine quickly (ahem, me). 

1.  For the gal who likes to keep her beans close to her heart, the coffee bean necklace.  $60

2.  Keep the oils in the beans in tact by using a ceramic burr grinder - I love this little Japanese Glass grinder.  $44

3.  Dry Rub your meats in Fette Sau's signature rub made with sugar, salt, ground coffee, and secret spices.  $16

4.  Kenyan Dark Chocolate with Coffee Beans in Bar Form from Compartes in Los Angeles.  $10

5.  For those who love their coffee in an instant the Nespresso VertuoLine machine is a groundbreaking invention.  It heats up instantly, makes a cup of coffee with a touch of the button, and even turns it self off.  Previous versions of the Nespresso machine were espresso only machines, but the new VertuloLine machine also makes Americano style coffee.  Genius.  $300

6.  Spike that quickie coffee with a hit of St. George's Coffee Liqueur inspired by New Orleans style coffee.  $30

7.  Sierra Nevada collaborated with Counter Culture Coffee on a limited edition IPA made with cold brewed Ethiopian coffee and experimental hops.  I know one girl hoping that this becomes a regular release...

8.  For the lucky recipient of the Nespresso VertuoLine - make sure they are stocked up on a range of different coffee capsules from Nespresso!  Each capsule has a different blend of coffees from different parts of the world that each have different flavor profiles and intensities.

Pro Tip:  Don't forget to save your used capsules to send back to Nespresso when you order more, they will recycle them for you!  Just ask for the recycling bag when you check out!  And, shipping is free! 

9.  For those who love the ritual of drip coffee (or just like looking at gorgeous coffee paraphernalia) the Brass and Walnut Professor coffee stand is just about as lovely as it gets.  And it's handmade in Colorado!  $189

10.  Pretty half spherical sugar dots $16

11.  Coffee of the Month Club from Mouth Indie Foods! $180-$720

Now that you're lusting after everything on this list - I can now spoil one of you lucky readers!!

I am beyond thrilled to host a giveaway for a Nespresso VertuoLine Machine and a Set of VertuoLine Glass Coffee Cups and Spoons!

: : : THE GIVEAWAY : : :

Nespresso VertuoLine Machine
(Choice of Black or Chrome)
VerturoLine Coffee Set

 : : : HOW TO ENTER : : :

1. Leave a comment on the Instagram post answering: who you'd most like to drink coffee with (past or present, real or imaginary).

2.  Follow @xxGastronomista on Instagram

*Extra entry* Re-Gram with the hashtag #GastroNespressoGiveaway 

*Extra entry* Tag a friend in your entry

*Extra entry* Tweet and Tag #GastroNespressoGiveaway 

I'm going to let this contest run a little longer than normal (because this machine is AWESOME), so the contest closes Monday Morning December 22 at 10 am EST. Winner will be selected randomly and will be DM'd that day.

Thank you for Nespresso for sponsoring this giveaway and GOOD LUCK! 

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