Saturday, December 12, 2015

Glass Blowing with Auchentoshan


I was recently invited to a really fun event with Auchentoshan scotch where we made our own whiskey glasses.  Glass blowing can be a terrifying venture especially to novices, but do not fret dear readers, we were guided by the friendly staff at Urban Glass here in Brooklyn.

OMG, The Neon Beyond Reads OMG!
Auchentoshan American Oak!
My husband and I teamed up because "a couple who makes whiskey glasses together, stays together", or whatever it is they say.

American Gothic Glass Blowers - Photo by Gabi Porter
A Couple That Blows Together....Aw Forget It  - Photo by Gabi Porter
Glass blowing is seemingly simple, but took more time than I thought.  It was basically a process of heating the class, shaping, re-heating, re-shaping over and over until you had something that sort of resembled a whiskey glass.  All of this must be accomplished without letting the glass get too cold and explode, burning your arms, burning your partner's arms, or letting the hot glass melt into a blob on the floor.  No pressure!

 Photo by Gabi Porter
Stretching the Glass To Make The Walls "Straight" - Photo by Gabi Porter
Swinging the Glass to Elongate the Glass (I Got a Little Carried Away) - Photo by Zac Stevens
Almost Done!
Our Instructor Finishing Off The Piece!
The final result?  Well, let's just put it this way...I won't be quitting my day job.  Mine is basically the leaning tower of Scotch, which is fine by me.  As my instructor put it, the bigger the glass, the more whiskey it can hold, no matter which way it tilts.

And with that, Cheers!! 

Want more?  So do I...

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