Thursday, December 10, 2015

Boozy Babes at Sippin Santa's Surf Shack

I've been so crazy busy this fall that I haven't even had time to properly announce the Boozy Babes on Gastronomista.  The Boozy Babes are Prairie Rose of Bit by a Fox and myself, teaming up with Roker Entertainment to do a Periscope show about great drinks in New York City. 

What's Periscope, you ask?  I barely know myself, but the future is now.  The internet tells me that it's Twitter's new platform for live video streaming.  And every week we, the Boozy Babes, are streaming from a different bar talking about drinks, drinks, and more drinks.

Last week we visited the Holiday Pop-Up at Boilermaker for the Sippin Santa's Surf Shack, a tropical holiday escape right here in NYC.  We were joined by head bartender Samuel Gauthier, and the one and only Hungry Editor, Ben Setiawan

Get ready for some fun holiday cheer:

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