Thursday, December 10, 2015

O.M.G. I NEED - Shard Clear Ice Kit

Next up in the Gastronomista O.M.G. I NEED series is the Shard Clear Ice Kit - a kit that includes a vessel for making clear ice and ice picks so that you can carve said ice into whatever shape you want - cubes, spheres, pyramids, mermaids....

The Shard ice method uses Directional Freezing, developed by Camper English of Alcademics (a blog that all cocktail enthusiasts must read on the regular).  The process (from what I understand), concentrates the direction of the freezing top down by thermally insulating 5 sides of a container, forcing one side to be colder, and to freeze first.  What this does is make the top side of the ice block white and the lower half of the ice block clear. 

It's like magic, but science.

The good folks at Shard have developed a freezer friendly container that deploys the directional freezing method, but in a tight container that won't take up your entire freezer.  The final ice blocks are more vertical, yielding more clear ice for your imbibing pleasure.

Today is the last day to support Shard on Kickstarter.  So get to it fellow imbibers, this girl needs a Shard to up her cocktail game!


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