Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gastronomista Girls on The Food Seen

We did a really fun interview today with Michael Harlan Turkell of the Food Seen to discuss Gastronomista: past, present, and future.  We had a fantastic time talking about oysters, alliterative pseudonyms, turducken charcuterie, tuxedo t-shirts, and of course, sandwiches.  After the interview we ate some slammin' pizza from Roberta's in Bushwick - and we must say - damn that Margherita pizza was good.

Listen to the interview here

Pizzeria + Heritage Radio Network = Brilliant

The view from behind the mic

The Food Seen

Overseer of Operations
And what did we conclude after 30 minutes of excellent interrogation, you ask?  "Girls like more than cupcakes"... now where is that turducken charcuterie??
Many thanks to Michael and Jack from the Heritage Radio Network!  We had a wonderful time!
We're looking forward to revisiting Roberta's when spring is in full force and we can sit on the roof for hours on end...yes.....

Don't forget your dancin' shoes...

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